Worlds Is Here!

Worlds is here in merely hours now and we’re here to give you group predictions to help you get the rewards you long for from the pick ’em challenge!
Group A
– Rox Tigers
– G2
– Counter Logic Gaming
– Albus Noxus Luna

I’ll start by saying that the picks for top and bottom of this group are relatively self explanatory, with Rox being the favourite’s to win the tournament whilst Albus are only a wild card team in a group full of very powerful teams run by large organisations. G2 and CLG, on the other hand, are a very up for debate; since G2’s failure at MSI and CLG’s great showing, G2 have greatly improved whilst CLG only made it into worlds on championship points after a very weak summer split and this is what led to G2, who are currently on top form, being picked above CLG.

Group B
– SK Telecom T1
– Cloud 9
– Flash Wolves
– I May

SKT are obvious favourites to make it out of this group in pole position due to their considerably more talented team. However, the competition between FW and C9 is definitely close; I believe the strong pools of talent on Cloud 9’s roster will favour them, because, even though they have patches of holes and flaws in their team play, they should still outmatch Flash Wolves, even with strong players like NL and Maple. I May roudn out Group B’s prediction in 4th due to their wild card tier and their lack of professional experience and talent in comparison to the rest of the group.

Group C
– Edward Gaming
– AHQ e-Sports Club
– H2K

Group C is definitely an interesting group to watch, especially if you remove INTZ, the wild cards, from the equation. Whilst I don’t quite think AHQ can quite match the Chinese giants under the banner of EDG, alongside my belief H2K still aren’t ready to challenge on an international level, I do believe that there is a power order in this group that’s close enough to be dismantled by each teams flaws and greater qualities. However, while I do believe the top 3 of this group can easily be swapped around, this order is definitely the most likely, and safest, outcome at the end of week 2.

Group D
– Royal Never Give Up
– Samsung Galaxy
– Splyce

Contrary to popular belief, I see this group as the closest group; TSM and RNG are clear leaders with only a small gap separating them but with the form shown by Splyce and Samsung Galaxy’s amazing feat of beating team like KT Rolster in order to get to worlds, this group has a majour potential for upset and could be a major creator of great entertainment e-sports fans are searching for in this huge tournament.

Remember to choose your predictions using this link and gl hf to you and the team you’re supporting!

Written by: Needs

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