We’re back for 2019

So after a hiatus during 2018, simply due to work, personal circumstances and also just a general overall long-needed break. We’re returning to our media outlets as of 2019.

Something we’ve been aiming to do for a long time is reach out to publishers and begin working on our streaming and YouTube channel to bring quality reviews and gameplay. It’s been noted by readers,viewers, streamers and gamers who are apart of our Discord community that I often am the individual who writes the reviews, posts, YouTube videos and so on. This I concur.

After a long discussion with the team at Bullet Gaming which consists of more than just me and Secare. We’ve decided to allocate ourselves to individual roles within the community for 2019 to work on as our project to hopefully increase the community further.

We have had several codes given to us for reviews of games that has never been reviewed. This was also discussed and following this for 2019 we will be reviewing all the games we get the opportunity to cover as part of widening our YouTube and Twitch audience and bring you a more diverse level of content.

For now, the website looks bare but we will be producing reviews a lot more in 2019 and if you’d like to be apart of that. Please get in touch with us at media@bullet-gaming.com.


Written by: DeeRock

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