Twitch.TV – Banned Games from Live Streaming

In a world of online gameplay streaming, from your favorite game to the newest games out. Twitch.TV is by far one of the best sources to find that much craved material. YouTube being great too, Twitch often gives you the ability as many know to interact with the streamer and sometimes map what the player actually will do within the game, almost given a sense of control and freedom over a game you either don’t have or want to check out before you buy it.

Streamers for years have made good handfuls of money from streaming, through donations, merch or merchandise, subscribing and also bits. It’s a great source of income once you get yourself rigged up with a schedule, a good handful of followers and the ability to entertain. A lot of the time you might have to lose the day job though…

All of that comes at a price however, some games below which are obviously banned from the general public, but there is games on there that might surprise you, games such as the popular Second Life. Which of course has it’s own areas of sexual content but entirely isn’t based around it.

Games that are banned without an Adults-Only rating:

Looking at multiple sources, it would appear to Twitch’s standards, games that are prohibited are found likely of the ban hammer based off of these two standards.

  1. The official ESRB rating is set to “Adults only”.
  2. The game in question is seen to violate community standards.

These can be interpreted in all different ways and in all honesty, you’ll find Twitch will commonly ban these obvious traits to presumably protect their younger audiences.

Onto the juicy bit, here are some games banned from Twitch.TV. Some of which may interest you into delving into the darker areas of the web to find out truly what they are..


Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3

Artificial Academy 1 & 2

Battle Rape


Cobra Club

Criminal Girls

Dramatical Murder

Genital Jousting

Grezzo 1 & 2

Harem Party

House Party

HunieCam Studio


Kamidori Alchemy Meister


Porno Studio Tycoon

Purin to Ohuro

Purino Party

Radiator 2


Rinse and Repeat

Sakura Angels

Sakura Beach 1 & 2

Sakura Dungeon

Sakura Fantasy

Sakura Santa

Sakura Spirit

Sakura Swim Club

Second Life

Suck My Dick or Die!

The Guy Game

The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno

What’s under your blanket !?

Witch Trainer

Yandere Simulator


Written by: DeeRock

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