Trust GTX158 Mouse review

Firstly this is another great piece of gear from the guys of at Trust, who, again were very kind so send this over to us.
The GTX158 Gaming Mouse from trust has a number of good point that make me very happy to be able to use the mouse.


First of all the mouse is very comfortable in your hand using it for long amounts of time resulted in no strain on my hand or slipping off of the mouse at any point.
A good highlight for the mouse is that it has an ambidextrous deign allowing both right and left handed users to freely use the mouse without any issues.

The connection itself is my favourite kind of cable, Braided. Not only does it give the mouse cable a good look with the black and blue but it is also a very sturdy cable and will go through a lot of strain before showing any sign of issues.

The GTX158 comes aswell with internal LED and 8 programmable buttons, which with the help of an application that you can download off of Trusts website allows you change the LED functions and colour.
the application also allows you to change very minor settings in the mouse, from sensitivity to button macros and profile switching.

As well as the amount of uses the application has it is very easy to use with its interface and will get you using the mouse to how you want it very quickly.

The look of the mouse is very crisp and sharp looking very stylish and not over the top and with the material used for the main body of the mouse, again it helps alot with the grip onto the mouse and allowing users ease of use for long periods.

For finishing the GTX158 Gaming Mouse is a very handy and versatile mouse package when combined with the application to get the most out of the mouse to get it exactly how you want.

The mouse can be found over at Amazon for under £40! :

For a rating i would give the Mouse a very good 5/5


Written by: Secare

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