First of huge thank you to the guys at Trust for sending out this product for us to have a good look at and to produce a review!


The Asto Soundbar by trust for pc is a great peace of kit. The bar itself is a very good weight and size coming in at only 0.724 kg and 11x49x11 cm this makes the bar very easy to move around and gives you plenty of options of locations that you can put it so its size does not weigh it down making it difficult aswelll to pick up.

The bar aswell is very stylish being mainly black with sleek stylish silver trimmings with a blue LED illuminating the back of the dial.


For setup the soundbar simply connects to PC via a USB and the 2 usual audio connections. No Power outlet is needed!

A bonus point to this soundbar is the audio and mic socket located in the front of the soundbar under the sound dial. This makes it easy for users to connect a headset to the bar rather than to the main tower itself which i have found alot easier and convenient to do and have now switched to only connecting my headsets to the soundbar now.


Sound quality for the bar is really good, with the bar giving off a clean crisp sound straight out of the box, no need for any settings to be changed! Sound quality for headsets being plugged into the soundbar jacks rather than into the tower face no drop in quality and no issues have been found using any products alongside the soundbar.


All together the Trust Asto soundbar is a very good lightweight kit. With a high quality of sound audio and being versatile enough to be moved and located in different areas and its styling will look good in any modern setup!

The Asto soundbar can be found over at Amazon for a very reasonable £25.99 (

For a rating i would give the Soundbar a very good 5/5






Written by: Secare

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