PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything You Need To Know

Surely you’ll now be aware of the announcement of the PlayStation Pro. Cutting past all the jargon and marketing, you’ll surely just want to know, what it does, when it’ll be released, what the specifications are and a few other things? Right? Well fear no more. Below are the frequently

PSN Receives It’s First Outage of 2016

The Playstation Network for the first time of 2016 has collapsed. The service that provides players online access to games, alongside other console features such as music, videos and it’s store are not accessible by any player after the network goes down. Sony have stated that the network is “experiencing

Capcom announces E3 schedule.

    Good news for fans of everything Capcom, ahead of this years E3 which is just around the corner. Capcom have revealed their lineup of games which will feature and be playable at the venue this year. Street Fighter V (PS4(TM), PC): The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street

GTA Online Gets A Swanky New Update Next Week

New Clothes, New Vehicles, New Weapon, New Jewelry, Golden Planes & Choppers… What else could you possibly ask for within Grand Theft Auto: Online? Well… I could name a few but lets try keep this post optimistic!   In the ‘Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1’ update coming to all consoles and PC

GTA V Next-Gen Edition; First Person Mode

That’s right, Rockstar Games are releasing a new mode with the upcoming next-gen editions of the game for the PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4 which are due for release on the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18 and on January 27 on PC. Grand Theft Auto: V in

Destiny: Loot Cave 2

So after the original Loot Cave being removed from Destiny on September 25th, 2014 by Bungie in their latest patch. Another loot cave has emerged following the removal of the previous one.       What is a loot cave?; A Loot Cave is a respawn zone within the Destiny


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