GTA Online: ClubHouses, MC’s & Much More

Rockstar Games have announced they will be releasing a new biker DLC in the near future. My own speculation of why this DLC out of anything else is expected to be released is dating back to the beginning of the year when a YouTuber known as Banished Breed in fact published

GTA: Online – Contraband Trafficking

After several updates being brought to Grand Theft Auto: Online, from the good to the bad, we’ve went from new clothes, to heists, vehicles, tattoos, hairstyles and the introduction to player created Organizations. Announced on the recent update on the Rockstar Games Newswire, a series of new updates are expected to shock

Entire GTA: 5 Map Being Built on Minecraft

Some fans of the Grand Theft Auto Series have re-created a 1:1 representation of Los Santos. The team that are behind this absolutely amazing project published a video on Kotaku detailing the progress they have made so far. Check the video out below was the Cinematic 001 of Los Santos before checking

GTA Online Gets A Swanky New Update Next Week

New Clothes, New Vehicles, New Weapon, New Jewelry, Golden Planes & Choppers… What else could you possibly ask for within Grand Theft Auto: Online? Well… I could name a few but lets try keep this post optimistic!   In the ‘Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1’ update coming to all consoles and PC

‘Adults Only’ Games Such As ‘GTA: San Andreas’ Banned By Twitch is a video game streaming community home to many loved streaming dedicated gamers as well as popular YouTubers such as Syndicate (#2  most followed), CaptainSparklez (#4 most followed) and recently former Rooster Teeth member, Ray Narvaez Jr (BrownMan). The most streamed games across the website consist of ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, ‘League Of Legends’

Rockstar Games Files Lawsuit Against BBC

    Rockstar Games, along with its parent company Take-Two, has launched a lawsuit against the BBC in a bid to prevent the broadcaster from airing an upcoming drama based on the real-life story on the development of Grand Theft Auto games. The corporation said the action was “necessary” after


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