We’re back for 2019

So after a hiatus during 2018, simply due to work, personal circumstances and also just a general overall long-needed break. We’re returning to our media outlets as of 2019. Something we’ve been aiming to do for a long time is reach out to publishers and begin working on our streaming

Square Enix, Wish Granters!

  Final. Fantasy. 7. REMAKE. Yup you heard it the much-requested remake of Final Fantasy VII was finally announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference earlier in the week, much to the pleasure of long-term fans. And thanks to an interview with the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura, we’re now learning

Get ready to drop…Again.

Good news for owners of 343’s  Halo: The Master Chief collection affected by the game’s multitude of issues while playing between 11th November and 19th December. Free codes for digital copies of the updated Halo 3:ODST are currently being sent out for you to update your copy of The Master Chief

Possible new Xbox One controller?

An update to one of the Xbox support pages may have accidentally revealed a new version of the Xbox One controller. Don’t worry it is not a huge change, but a very slight one that users may be happy with. It will now  include a handy addition  in the form of

Valve acknowledge CS:GO Bug

Hit boxes. They are tricky little things that are at the top of the complaint list for most gamers in shooters. Valves CS:GO has probably got the worst case of broken hit boxes in recent years. From its initial launch in 2012 players have been noticing the inconsistency of the

H1Z1 Cheaters Face The Hammer In A ‘Massive Ban Wave’

All the bans that have been issued are permanent bans and more are to come! DayBreak Spokesperson spoke to GameSpot and had this to tell them “To clarify with Daybreak’s terminology, they use three different terms for actions on accounts; warnings–simply letting players know that they are doing something against Terms

Placing The Bullet Back Into The Chamber!

We’re recruiting for some bloggers on the website alongside a few other people to help us with the team! This is by far the biggest amount of people we have ever tried to take on! So if you feel you could contribute to an ever growing community! We suggest you


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