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Hello and welcome to Bullet-Gaming’s first ever RuneScape 3 feature. The Bullet team are expanding their horizons and this is just one of their new ventures.

However, not only is RuneScape 3 new to – I am too!

My name is Ryan – and you’re more than welcome to add me on RuneScape as ‘ryan o f’ – but you’re most likely to see me refer to myself as ‘x4iiiis‘ (pronounced “four eyes”). I’m currently studying Games Development at Edinburgh Napier University and will be returning for my third year in the four year course in September.

Now that the intro is out of the way, let’s dive in to this article.

The Arc

The Arc is a new area coming to RuneScape 3 later today, the 25th of July 2016. It follows the latest update, Port Sarim Invasion. With that came the graphical enhancement of Port Sarim itself, new NPCs, tasks,  and mini-quests. With the new update comes the end of the Port Sarim invasion event.

Upon travelling for the first time, players have 3 main islands to travel to:

  • Waiko
  • Aminishi
  • Whale’s Maw
The Arc Initial Travel Options

The Arc Initial Travel Options

Waiko is at the core of the update. It is the trade point of the new areas. That said though, it does come with some resources of its own, so you don’t always have to travel to complete challenges and contracts.


Aminishi is a very cool looking island with a focus on the Slayer skill.


Whale’s Maw is, as the name would suggest, based on fishing. As you can see from the screenshot though, there are plenty of Tortles to be hunted too!

Whale's Maw


To access the Arc, you must complete the Port Sarim mini-quest ‘Impressing the Locals‘ which requires member status, but has no further requirements.
To gain entry to the Uncharted Isles, you must have at least one of the following skills at level 90 or above:
  • Slayer
  • Hunter
  • Fishing
  • Woodcutting
There are various mini-quests to be found around The Arc, each with their own set of requirements that haven’t been laid out in the public eye just yet.


Skilling Contracts

As you are probably aware, members taking part in the Slayer skill in the Slayer Tower can get a contract from Markus, an NPC located just outside the tower, and be rewarded with cash or additional XP to accompany that which would have been earned by completing the task on its own.

Similarly, players can secure contracts from NPCs on Waiko to gain XP in the particular skill to which their contract relates, as well as chimes. The 4 available contracts relate to Slayer, Hunter, Fishing and Woodcutting, and require at least a level of 90 or above in the corresponding skill.

There will be a limit to how many contracts you can obtain and complete daily.


These are the main currency on The Arc, and will be used on rewards or supplies for setting sea to the Uncharted Isles. An NPC on Waiko named Doni can be traded with to swap chimes for trade goods.


This is the less commonly used currency within The Arc, which players can get from treasure chests on the Uncharted Isles.

Uncharted Isles

When players voyage to the Uncharted Isles, there are millions of possibilities for where they’ll actually end up. There are a small number factors that are all randomly generated, including the size of the island, shape, and time of day, which all contribute to deciding where you end up. The time of day can be changed while you’re on an island too, as the skybox is altered to represent this. My favourite that was shown on the stream was Dusk, a beautiful purple skybox.

Dusk Screenshot

Low-res screenshot from the stream

Players can’t bring friends to the same island, but this can be a positive thing. For example, if you’re going to hunt, it’s perfect that you can get an island to yourself with no-one else around. No more world hopping!

If you find an island that you particularly like, you can claim it with a flag, which allows you to return to the same island again. However you can only have one claimed island, and if you try to claim another it’ll wipe out your checkpoint on the previous island (although it will warn you of this before you do it). Given the minuscule probability of finding the same island again, I’d advise players to use that carefully if they don’t want to lose out on an island they like.

Well, that’s it from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first piece as a Bullet-Gaming writer!

To check out the developer videos on YouTube, click here, and here, and the update trailer can be found over here.

Written by: x4iiiis

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