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Sony PlayStation 4 – Software Update 4.0

The next major system software update for PS4, version 4.00 (codenamed Shingen), will be available tomorrow. This update brings a refreshed system UI, Folder organization, updates to the Quick Menu and Share Menu, Library improvements, and much more!    

PlayStation 4 Pro – Everything You Need To Know

Surely you’ll now be aware of the announcement of the PlayStation Pro. Cutting past all the jargon and marketing, you’ll surely just want to know, what it does, when it’ll be released, what the specifications are and a few other things? Right? Well fear no more. Below are the frequently

EasySMX Gaming Headset Product review

Firstly a huge shoutout and thanks to the guys at EasySMX for sending these out to us, we really appreciate them! Having had the headset for just over a week now and having tested them on the multiple platforms, now is a good time for the review. For the Xbox

Mushroom Wars 2! Indie Talk 3

Mushroom Wars is back! With its revamped graphics, mechanics and game-mode… its a whole new game, much better than the last! Graphics for the game have massively improved making all assets of the game look a little more real, rather than the mushroom people who look like they should be

Olli Olli: Epic Combo Edition – PS4 review

Olli Olli is a quick paced game series about timing and learning different button patterns and sequences to achieve the highest score possible. The great thing about Olli Olli: Epic Combo Edition is that it includes both the original game as well as the sequel, Olli Olli 2: Welcome To

Definitely Not GodGilius?

The EU LCS promotion tournament took place this weekend featuring 3 teams from the LCS and 2 teams from the Challenger series in a battle to secure a place in the EU LCS in next year’s Spring Split. The first series was a straight up elimination battle featuring Roccat and

First Impression: Infinium Strike

Many tower defence games have came and gone, Steams most recent addition to the ever expanding list is Inifinium strike by Codex worlds. Infinium strike changes the formula slightly here. Gone are the large maps with specific tracks for AI to go through while you pile towers up in one


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