No Man’s Sky Being Investigated For False Advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which is the United Kingdom’s independent regulator for advertising across all media has now launched an investigation into the well known game No Man’s Sky by Hello Games under false advertising claims. It appears that Hello Games is being accused of using their media outlets to advertise a product that isn’t quite the same as what was sold. The complaints have swarmed in after the trailers, interviews, screenshots and other information was shown and discussed prior to the release of No Man’s Sky not exactly depicting what the end result of the product was to be.

Now it’s believed it has mislead consumers and misrepresented what No Man’s Sky actually is.


It appears it also gained some criticism in the past from Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios. There hasn’t been much information other than this given to the public domain as of yet, but it leaves the certainty that this isn’t good for Hello Games. What was once supposed to be a game that was made to revolutionize game programming and just how immersive it could be, now turns out to just be a red curtain over what actually has been found to be what we have today.



Written by: DeeRock

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