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N++ (which was released last year on the PS4 (2015) and only recently been brought to the steam store) is the sequel to a game i am sure a lot of people are quite familiar with N+, back in 2008 (the original released back in 2004), N+ was a simplistic 2D platformer, flash game where you have the role of a ninja “N” working your way through sets of rooms, with increasingly difficult enemies and obstacles. However, now this incredible game, has been revamped and re-imagined! With Metanet Software developing and perfecting this game for the past 12 years it has been worth the wait! The best comparison for N++ is its strong similarities/inspiration to another extremely popular game, Super Meat Boy (another increasingly difficult platformer) although the original N+ did release before Super Meat Boy existed. Due to your god like dexterity, the lifespan of ‘N’ is only 90 seconds, With only 90 seconds of lifetime ‘N’ must complete an episode (5 levels) to succeed. Your ninja like lust for gold is what keeps you alive, as you play through an episode you can collect gold to extend your lifetime and increase your score.

N++ Story

You cannot simply complete this game, that’s only half of the thrill the game offers you, in N++ you must strive for the best time, the best score, the best routes for you to take on a level/episode. N++ heavily inspires you to be a perfectionist with each level harder than the last you have to master ‘the way of the ninja’ to achieve a good score/time. Just like super Meat Boy, momentum of the character is a large mechanic, as the faster you go the more powerful your movements are. Utilizing your movement as you to leap, wall-jump and sprint to victory amongst the world leader boards.

With 2,360 hand made levels, both single player and co-op, the campaign holds a great amount of replay-ability, along with the 4 player co-op, competitive and race modes. Another addition to N++ is the classic levels from the previous game N+, which gives the player a feeling of nostalgia. N++ is also customisable to the player, with 60 fancy color palettes for you to chose from and 63 electronic music tracks from top artists for you to choose and play along with, allowing you the enjoy your experience to the fullest. Another huge impact on the game is its brand new level editor, allowing you to create your own deathtraps and difficult levels for not only you to play but the world, with the community level browser which can access the hundreds of other community levels people have made and uploaded each with their own leaderboard and replays to view.

In my opinion, N++ has been revived better than ever, with its mass of replay-ability and tough levels to complete, however if you aim to just complete this game and not perfect it, you may not enjoy it as much as you should, however with that said the game does still hold a great deal of fun to be had with the amount of levels it holds not including the custom community levels. For only £10.99 it is definitely a great buy, the minimalist art style of the game and the soundtracks along with it really add ambiance to the game.

Written by: WaxAssassin

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