How to play Ring of Elysium in English

What is Ring of Elysium?

Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale game, very similiar to those on the market right now, but it is starting to live up to the reputation that it might compete with PUBG in the future. I’d compare this to Fortnite, but Fortnite has it’s own hint of uniqueness with it’s building system. Ring of Elysium currently only allows individuals to play on Asian servers and the majority of the game is based in Thai language. Therefore making it difficult for English speaking players to play and understand the game, if they get past that – They have to deal with ping problems every so often, saying however, I’ve yet to experience any ping issues. Which surprised me…

How to play Ring of Elysium

This is when it’s going to be the most challenging, some people don’t even want to play because of the hoops you have to jump through just to get in-game with an English based client. This guide though will make all these hoops the easiest jumping you’ve done in your life.

With Ring of Elysium being on the Asian market, it’s very easy to bypass their regional restrictions.

Let’s get your warpath started.


Downloading Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium isn’t a standalone client, very much like, Steam, Origin and Uplay, they have their own client which it needs to be downloaded from, so first of all we need to get that downloaded.

To download the Garena Game Client you’ll need to go over to here and register an account with Garena, it’ll then direct you to download the client once you’ve registered an account, once you’ve registered and downloaded the client. Open the client up and it will look somewhat like this.

Garena Game Client


Now Ring of Elysium might not be on the front screen, so you will need to click the Cog at the top right corner and under the General Tab, there will be a section that says Region – Select Thailand and keep the language marked as default English then click Save.

It’ll then give you access to download Rings of Elysium which is around 5-6 Gb in size.

At this point, you’re good to play, however be warned the client language will still be in Thai.

Changing the Ring of Elysium client to English

You’ll need to complete these next steps to play it in English. First of all, you need to download Process Hacker, which is the equivalent of task manager but a little more advanced. You can uninstall this after use.

Once you have downloaded and installed Process Hacker you will need to wait for Ring of Elysium to finish downloading and installing.

Once you have installed Process Hacker & Ring of Elysium (Go to this step)

1. Make sure you have Process Hacker Open

2. Start up Ring of Elysium and then Alt-tab out of the game. (The reason you have to do this as Process Hacker will now have it open as an active executable file within your processes.)

3. Click the ‘Name’ column at the top of the table (Highlighted in orange below)

4. Now that it’s sorted by alphabetical order, look for ‘Europa_Client.exe’ in the list of running processes.

5. Once you’ve found this, right click the process and go to Properties.

6. Under the General tab (which should be the first tab already open) look for the first entry on the list called Command Line and click the magnifying glass icon and copy all the information within that window. (Shown below in orange)

7. Copy all of the text that appears in that box.

9. Now open up a new text document, typically Notepad and paste all the information into the blank Notepad document

10. Look within that snippet of information for language=th and change it to language=EN.

11. Click File > Save and this is where we will make it an executable file. Name it whatever you wish, personally I called it ‘Ring of Elysium’ and before saving it, type .bat at the end of it. Example: Ring of Elysium.bat

12. Save it where you wish, you’d be best to save it on your desktop for quick access.


Optional: You can now uninstall process hacker as it has served it’s purpose.


Start Ring of Elysium from the bat file by double clicking it and you are good to go!


Written by: DeeRock

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