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How to play Ring of Elysium in English

What is Ring of Elysium? Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale game, very similiar to those on the market right now, but it is starting to live up to the reputation that it might compete with PUBG in the future. I’d compare this to Fortnite, but Fortnite has it’s

Trust GTX158 Mouse review

Firstly this is another great piece of gear from the guys of at Trust, who, again were very kind so send this over to us. The GTX158 Gaming Mouse from trust has a number of good point that make me very happy to be able to use the mouse.  

EasySMX Gaming Headset Product review

Firstly a huge shoutout and thanks to the guys at EasySMX for sending these out to us, we really appreciate them! Having had the headset for just over a week now and having tested them on the multiple platforms, now is a good time for the review. For the Xbox

Olli Olli: Epic Combo Edition – PS4 review

Olli Olli is a quick paced game series about timing and learning different button patterns and sequences to achieve the highest score possible. The great thing about Olli Olli: Epic Combo Edition is that it includes both the original game as well as the sequel, Olli Olli 2: Welcome To

First Impression: Infinium Strike

Many tower defence games have came and gone, Steams most recent addition to the ever expanding list is Inifinium strike by Codex worlds. Infinium strike changes the formula slightly here. Gone are the large maps with specific tracks for AI to go through while you pile towers up in one

Dead By Daylight!

Death Is Not an Escape! Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one person plays a relentless killer, and the other four survivors work together to evade the killer and escape. For the survivors to escape the ‘Killing Ground’ they will have to repair five of seven generators

Mushroom Wars! – Indie Talk 2

Mushroom wars is a quick thinking, strategy based 2-D game developed and published by Creat Studios based on using overwhelming numbers to overpower your opponent! The game requires you to learn to think strategically in order to win, with multiple scenarios and decisions. It is played by sending troops of

Dying Light: The Following Review

Game devs take a note. THIS is how you make an expansion. When the expansion for Techlands dying light was announced people were worried that it would just be the usual strain of cut content from the main game being sold on as an extra. But no! Techland and Dead


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