Trust GTX158 Mouse review

Firstly this is another great piece of gear from the guys of at Trust, who, again were very kind so send this over to us. The GTX158 Gaming Mouse from trust has a number of good point that make me very happy to be able to use the mouse.  

EasySMX Gaming Headset Product review

Firstly a huge shoutout and thanks to the guys at EasySMX for sending these out to us, we really appreciate them! Having had the headset for just over a week now and having tested them on the multiple platforms, now is a good time for the review. For the Xbox

First Impression: Infinium Strike

Many tower defence games have came and gone, Steams most recent addition to the ever expanding list is Inifinium strike by Codex worlds. Infinium strike changes the formula slightly here. Gone are the large maps with specific tracks for AI to go through while you pile towers up in one

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Out This December

Ubisoft has finally shown off more footage from the hotly anticipated follow up to South Park: The Stick Of Truth, with some fresh gameplay. The game features the fourth-wall breaking narration of the first game (courtesy of Cartman) and will let the player choose from myriad classes to play through

Resident Evil 7 revealed. E3 2016

“Back to the beginning” So it would seem the rumour and leak was true. Capcom officialy revealed Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard (Biohazard 7: Biohazard in Japan? that wont get confusing..) It appears that Capcom has learned its lesson with recent Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard looks like

Dying Light: The Following Review

Game devs take a note. THIS is how you make an expansion. When the expansion for Techlands dying light was announced people were worried that it would just be the usual strain of cut content from the main game being sold on as an extra. But no! Techland and Dead

Destiny : Big reveal next week!

Fans of Bungies Stray game from the Halo franchise…Destiny. Better jot down Thursday June 9th at 10am PT/5pm BST in their calender as Bungie has stated they will be doing a reveal of “Your Next Adventure” “This week at Bungie we’re preparing to reveal your next adventure,“ says the latest

Resident Evil 7 coming to an E3 near you!

“BRAAAAAAINS” While its been a rumour for some time now with Capcom stating that they wish to return the once great Resident Evil series to its glorious roots. More details have been revealed that states to this possibility becoming a fact! Spotted on Twitter Japanese analyst Serkan Toto states the


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