Worlds Is Here!

Worlds is here in merely hours now and we’re here to give you group predictions to help you get the rewards you long for from the pick ’em challenge! Group A – Rox Tigers – G2 – Counter Logic Gaming – Albus Noxus Luna I’ll start by saying that the

Definitely Not GodGilius?

The EU LCS promotion tournament took place this weekend featuring 3 teams from the LCS and 2 teams from the Challenger series in a battle to secure a place in the EU LCS in next year’s Spring Split. The first series was a straight up elimination battle featuring Roccat and

Origen’s Desperate Push For Worlds

As the split draws to a close this weekend the playoffs are out of reach for previous semi-finalists Origen, but can they still make a consecutive trip to largest event in LoL? Sat in 9th place, Origen are far from the formidable team they were at this point last year,

Half Way Point Reached In AN EU LCS Slug-Fest

No clear winner is revealed as the halfway position is reached in the EU LCS Summer Split. From the start of the split it appeared that G2 e-sports would hold pole position throughout the split, and this remained true until a very surprising week of European League of Legends led

An Unexpected Start For The EU Summer Split

The results from the debut of Best of Two games in the EU LCS have left a lot of questions for team after a surprising number of teams failed to make their mark. The largest disappoint by a large margin was the 2nd place team from from the previous split,

A New Split Dawns for an Embarrassed EU LCS Lineup

As the Summer split stands just 8 days away, the questions raised from an embarrassing MSI 2016 still linger leading to some large changes amongst the European teams. Beaten and embarrassed by every region, G2 return from, what was anticipated as their time to prove Europe as a major contender,


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