Bullet Gaming’s 5th Giveaway

That’s right, it’s our fifth giveaway since Bullet Gaming was founded! This time, you don’t just have to compete for ONE game that we choose. No. We took a poll to see what games people would like to receive for free. From that, we compiled a list, and offered the

GTA Online: Run Your Own Criminal Empire

Rockstar Games have announced a new DLC hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 7th. This exciting new DLC is allowing players who run organizations to purchase a high-end HQ and a storage warehouse to store all the contraband they will be smuggling, then shift it across Los Santos

Hitman: The First Elusive Contract Announced

So we return to Paris, again. Not this time for Viktor Novikov or Dalia Margolis but for a new contract. We’ve been waiting some time now to see what all this ‘Elusive contracts’ were about. Today we finally got to see exactly what they are about. It’s like a whole

GTA: Online – Contraband Trafficking

After several updates being brought to Grand Theft Auto: Online, from the good to the bad, we’ve went from new clothes, to heists, vehicles, tattoos, hairstyles and the introduction to player created Organizations. Announced on the recent update on the Rockstar Games Newswire, a series of new updates are expected to shock


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