About us…

Bullet-Gaming was founded in 2010, originally known as ‘Skyline Gaming’, in which we owned a domain and a forum for users to discuss their gaming preferences and games in general that were soon to be released or already released. However it’s chances of reaching any success were cut short without proper traffic coming to our website and having no sort of source for social media to also help obtain a few more members to our community.

A year later, the original founder of Skyline Gaming spoke with a couple of members in suggesting about renaming the community and starting from scratch, from building up a website, to having a successful and active social media background for example; our Twitter & Facebook.
Upon that suggestion, we came against one problem; What do we call this community? We suggested sticking with Skyline Gaming but that didn’t exactly fit with the ‘start fresh’ scenario. In order to tackle the problem, all three of us approached it with suggesting what we wanted to call it, then running the names through a randomizer (Which later became the randomizer for our competitions.). The randomizer chose Bullet-Gaming 2/3 attempts so it was inevitable that we chose that name.

Once we had scratched up a very basic logo to use, just to get our Facebook page up & running, we decided to run a competition to give away a free copy of the up & coming Grand Theft Auto: V  in which turned out to be a great success. Then we contacted another gaming community known as Gaming World, which at the time were holding approx. 11,000 Facebook fans to help advertise our competition for us. However, with Bullet Gaming only being open a month or so at the time, and only having around 50 likes, Gaming World were slightly skeptical in advertising the competition in the chance of it being a hoax and used to gain an audience, however we did promise it was not a hoax and that promise was later followed through when we displayed our first ever winner of a Bullet Gaming prize on our Facebook page.

The Winner Adam Williams

Since that time we have done nothing but grow, holding more competitions and starting podcasts weekly which consisted of a LIVE broadcast feed via Twitch.TV which to our surprise gained a few people tuning in, also bringing up our page likes. As we recruit more admins & gain more members to our community, we’re starting to feel that Bullet Gaming may just reach a potential that we always wished we could have.

About the admins…

About DeeRock…

Name: Liam

Alias: DeeRock

Role: Owner, CEO

Systems: PS4, PC

About Secare…

Name: Steven

Alias: Secare

Role: Co-owner, Manager

Systems: Xbox One (SecareSel), PC (Secare), PS4 soon..

Joining the ranks of Bullet Gaming upon its resurrection in early 2012 Secare quickly rose from a writer, contributing in the early days and helping kick start what we know and have earned today, from opening up Bullet Gamings own Twiiter and YouTube outlets, during DeeRocks hiatus Secare rose to take the place as manager and upon DeeRocks return was permitted the permanent position and honor of becoming Co-owner.

Secare is also responsible for the press aspects, from attaining news from developers to acquiring new games for reviews.

When Secare isn’t busy working away hard at Bullet Gaming you can usually catch him on Xbox One or PC(feel free to add above!)

About Lesandius…

Name: Kieran

Alias: Lesandius

Role: Senior admin, Instagram manager

Systems: PS4, PC

Hello everyone, so I’m Lesandius, my real name is Kieran. I am currently a senior admin at Bullet Gaming, I’ve been part of Bullet Gaming since October 2014 writing reviews, helping manage the Facebook page and helping with the design of the website, which has come a really long way recently!

Currently playing games on both a Mac and an Alienware M14x, I also play a lot of games on PS4, keza2008 is my PSN if you want to add me up and play some stuff with me.

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