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How to play Ring of Elysium in English

What is Ring of Elysium? Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale game, very similiar to those on the market right now, but it is starting to live up to the reputation that it might compete with PUBG in the future. I’d compare this to Fortnite, but Fortnite has it’s

Twitch.TV – Banned Games from Live Streaming

In a world of online gameplay streaming, from your favorite game to the newest games out. Twitch.TV is by far one of the best sources to find that much craved material. YouTube being great too, Twitch often gives you the ability as many know to interact with the streamer and

New Gaming PC

Hi guys, So I’ve went and invested in a new Gaming PC, seeing as my current one has seen it’s time and the FPS drop is unbelievable especially when I have tried to stream to you all. Below are the specifications I have picked out and I should have all

Trust GTX158 Mouse review

Firstly this is another great piece of gear from the guys of at Trust, who, again were very kind so send this over to us. The GTX158 Gaming Mouse from trust has a number of good point that make me very happy to be able to use the mouse.  

Rockstar Games Teases New Red Dead Game

It appears by Rockstar Games Facebook Page & Newswire that they are preparing to announce something big. They updated their main website at twice now with two new images on it. Is this potentially a remastered Red Dead Redemption? Or is it a totally new story? I’m very eager to find

No Man’s Sky Being Investigated For False Advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which is the United Kingdom’s independent regulator for advertising across all media has now launched an investigation into the well known game by Hello Games under false advertising claims. It appears that Hello Games is being accused of using their media outlets to advertise a product

Worlds Is Here!

Worlds is here in merely hours now and we’re here to give you group predictions to help you get the rewards you long for from the pick ’em challenge! Group A – Rox Tigers – G2 – Counter Logic Gaming – Albus Noxus Luna I’ll start by saying that the

GTA Online: ClubHouses, MC’s & Much More

Rockstar Games have announced they will be releasing a new biker DLC in the near future. My own speculation of why this DLC out of anything else is expected to be released is dating back to the beginning of the year when a YouTuber known as Banished Breed in fact published


Going to go for a quick Stream of Super Impossible road come join over at @Gm4nT @Townsey86 @SupStreamers @Feinnon
RT @MRxBERTx: Let the cooking begin with @TotallyKimKim and Bert at #TPwn #BleedOrange
RT @CsJxck: Going live in 5 mins come chuck me a follow and support the stream all viewers welcome @FortniteGame here we come @Bullet_Gamin
Gonna revisit some @Quake now that it is went to its open beta stage! Come check it out…
RT @Townsey86: Guys we will be playing the forest tonight with a few bg community members be sure to tune in roughly 5pm